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About Us

Glenn M. Grasso, Ph.D. earned his degree in History from the University of New Hampshire in 2009 and taught at UNH and the United States Coast Guard Academy. He specializes in American cultural history, especially maritime-related fields. Glenn has worked in academia, museums, rare book and historic document sales, and public history. He has sailed square riggers, performed music ranging from traditional to rock-n-roll, and worked and taught in fine arts and architecture. 
An expert in 19th century fisheries history as well as how historical memory has informed modern sensibilities, Glenn has published and spoken throughout the country on topics of historical and literary importance. With knowledge of antiquaria, rare books, art history, traditional and contemporary musicology, literature, and cultural history, there are few areas outside of his purview, although hard sciences and math remain challenges.
Mercifully, he has a partner:

Aviva B. Grasso, MPH has a head for numbers as well as the humanities. Aviva has also sailed large vessels, traveled, and experienced world cultures. After graduating from Smith College with honors in American History in 1994, Aviva served in Cameroon in the Peace Corps from 1994 to 1997. She has worked in museums, academic institutions, public health initiatives, and large municipal bureaucracies. With an avid interest in history and a particular attention to detail, her principal indiscretion was agreeing to marry Glenn in 2007.
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