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Matthew Calbraith Perry’s Mexican War Military Orders for the Occupation of Laguna and Tampico, Mexico

Matthew Calbraith Perry. Mexican War. Manuscript Document Signed Secretarially. Docket title “Memorandum of Instructions from Commodore Perry.” December 21, 1846.

With: A Matthew Calbraith Perry Letter Signed. Orders for Chief Engineer W.W.W. Wood to return to the United States for medical reasons. USS Mississippi, Anton Lizardo, Mexico. August 8, 1847. #5013

Mexican War Military Orders for Occupation of Laguna Mexico

  • List of military orders regarding the occupation of Laguna, Mexico by the US Navy, which began the occupation November 14, 1846: “Laguna to be considered a captured place the same as Tampico” continuing “All Revenue from Commerce must cease,” “Lives and private property, and the enjoyment of their religion respected,”…“The whole coast of Yucatan to be considered under strict blockage and subject to all restrictions of blockage." With further regulation of movement, commerce, possession of arms and munitions, all to remain in place until further order from the commander in chief of the US government. 

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