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War of 1812 USS Constitution Commander William Bainbridge Flirts with his Friend’s Wife, (General and Massachusetts Politician Henry A.S. Henry Dearborn) While Supporting the Creation of the Rank of Admiral.

William Bainbridge. Autograph Letter Signed, to Henry A.S. Dearborn. Washington, D.C., January 23, 1826.


USS Constitution Cmdr Bainbridge Lobbies for Rank of Admiral

  • Famed War of 1812 commodore writes an affectionate and charming letter to General Henry A.S. Dearborn, discussing their wives’ mutual affection: “Give my love to your dear wife and tell her I love her sincerely, and my wife is not in the least bit jealous for she loves her as much as I do…” as well as expressing support for establishing the rank of Admiral in the US Navy.


    He refers to longtime Navy Department Chief Clerk Charles Goldsborough (father of Civil War heroes John and Louis) “Goldsborough in my absence to Pensacola sent you a piece in favor of the rank of Admirals—enclosed (not included) is another having reference to the first. Please to give it the same signature as you fixed to the first piece, but which is not now recollected, and have it published in the same paper.”

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